Public Service Commission of Canada

Promoting and safeguarding a merit-based, representative and non-partisan public service that serves all Canadians, in collaboration with stakeholders. We also manage GC Jobs, providing applicants and managers with a single portal to access all public service job opportunities.

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Information for human resources specialists and hiring managers

Services and information

Government of Canada jobs

Get information on how to apply for a job in the federal public service.

Second language testing in the public service

Get information on language testing and language requirements in the public service.

Recruitment options for public service managers

Access time-saving, targeted inventories or specialized recruitment programs and initiatives.

Staffing and assessment tools and resources

Find out about the advertising and screening process, student and graduate recruitment programs, occupational tests and career counselling.

Priority administration

Learn about the priority entitlements that help public servants cope with career transitions.

Public service hiring policies and processes

Access tools and resources related to staffing activities under the Public Service Employment Act.

Political activities of public servants

Find guidance on the participation of public service employees in political activities.

Monitoring, audits and investigations

Learn how we safeguard the integrity of appointments and oversee the political impartiality of the federal public service.

Data visualization hub

The data visualization hub provides interactive tools to allow users to customize data to obtain the most useful and relevant information.

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