Artificial intelligence source list


Establish an artificial intelligence (AI) method of supply to enable government departments and agencies to acquire AI products, services and solutions.


Following consultations and an initial pre-qualification round of vendors, a new AI source list was established in winter 2018. This procurement vehicle incorporates streamlined approaches, including client-hosted webinar presentations to address vendor questions during the solicitation process and an innovative method to select eligible vendors to submit bids. In total, 74 eligible AI vendors have qualified in 3 bands for AI requirements up to $9 million.

The AI source list includes the following categories and business outcomes that were informed from consultations with industry, academia and civil society:

  • insights and predictive modelling
  • machine interactions
  • cognitive automation


Ongoing. The first contract using the AI source list was awarded in July 2019. Public Services and Procurement Canada is continuing to develop various support tools, including user guides and process maps, to assist client departments through the AI procurement process.

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