Procurement services

Contracting with federal departments and agencies, improving the procurement process and practice, mechanisms for procurement complaints, dispute resolution and contract fraud

Contracting with the government

Defence and marine procurement

Defence Procurement Strategy, National Shipbuilding Strategy, air, land and marine procurement initiatives, procuring electronic, munitions and tactical systems, industrial and technical benefits

How to sell to government

Procurement and tendering process, standing offers, supply arrangements, what the government buys, how to bid, registering as a supplier, security requirements for federal contracts, procurement policies, forms, tools, seminars and support for businesses


New official source for Government of Canada tender and award notices, how the procurement process works, supplier registration information, and more

Standing offers, supply arrangements, and past contract awards with government institutions

(Note: Some contents of are being moved into the new web application CanadaBuys or under the section "Doing business with government")

Alternative tendering methods (commodity specific opportunities)

Applications, registrations, processes and support for selling specific goods or services such as air charter services, defence procurement, linguistic services, professional services, regional temporary help services, and software

Supporting Canada's response to COVID-19

Procurement of vaccines for COVID-19, rapid tests, and equipment and medical supply for Canadian healthcare sector, Canada's vaccine agreement, how domestic suppliers support the effort, organizations buying and selling protective equipment, essential services contingency reserve, Supply Council

Procurement initiatives and guidance

Better Buying

PSPC's plan to make procurement easier, faster and more accessible for suppliers and buyers

Smart procurement

How PSPC improves federal procurement by learning lessons from past successful procurement and the early collaboration between government and suppliers

Green procurement tools

Policies and procedures to minimize the environmental impact of procurement

Supplier Advisory Committee

Working with national associations to improve government procurement and to better understand supply and demand

Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative

Allows provincial and territorial governments, municipalities, academic institutions, schools and hospitals sector and other entities to use federal procurement tools

Publications and procurement documents

Supply Manual, Standard Acquisition Clauses and Conditions Manual, Code of conduct for government suppliers, Customer Information System, resources for business, procurement policies, and forms

Trilateral public procurement forum

Collaboration between Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States to modernize procurement

Dispute resolution, complaint, fraud reporting, and oversight

Dispute management and complaint processes

Dispute resolution bodies, such as Business Dispute Management Program and Procurement Ombudsman, and filing a complaint regarding the procurement process

Report fraud in government contracts

How to report suspected cheating and fraud in federal contracts

Government of Canada's Integrity Regime

How PSPC ensures that the Government of Canada conducts business or concludes real property transactions with ethical suppliers in Canada and abroad

Fairness monitoring

How PSPC monitors its procurement activities and real property transactions through independent assurance to ensure it conducts business in a fair, open and transparent manner

Services, standards and results

We are committed to delivering quality services to our clients. Our services, standards and results represent an important part of our strategy to improve services and strengthen client partnerships.

Client service

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