Public Services and Procurement Canada

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) supports federal departments and agencies in their daily operations as their central purchasing agent, real property manager, treasurer, accountant, pay and pension administrator, integrity advisor, common service provider and linguistic authority.

Services and information

Procurement services

Contracting with federal departments and agencies, improving the procurement process and practice, mechanisms for procurement complaints, dispute resolution and contract fraud

For sale by PSPC

Surplus goods, properties for sale and seized assets from federal departments and agencies

Federal pay and pension administration

Payroll and pension services for Government of Canada employees

Payments and accounting

Making payments to the government, receiving payments from the government, financial reports, and government-wide chart of accounts of Canada

Real property services and parliamentary infrastructure

Management and maintenance of government real property holdings, professional and technical real property services, and provision of working environments to federal employees and parliamentarians

Government communication services

Centralized access to Government of Canada publications, Canada Gazette, and coordination of advertising, public opinion research and copyright media clearance for federal departments and agencies

Language services and tools

Translation, revision, terminology and interpretation services to federal departments, agencies and the Parliament, language tools and the Language Portal of Canada to help improve your official languages

Industrial security and controlled goods

Security screening services for government contracts, organizations and personnel, registration to examine, possess or transfer controlled goods, and certification to handle military critical technical data

Standards and oversight services

Canadian General Standards Board and services to support accountability and integrity in PSPC's procurement and real property transactions

Government corporate support services

Shared corporate administrative systems, tools and services for travel, project management, information management, human resources, and financial and material management offered to federal organizations


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