Atlantic Science Enterprise Centre

Learn how Public Services and Procurement Canada through the Laboratories Canada strategy is building a world-class scientific research hub in Moncton, New Brunswick.

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Project overview


343 Université Avenue, Moncton, New Brunswick

Type of project

Construction and redevelopment

Lead department

Public Services and Procurement Canada

Construction firms

Diamond Schmitt for design services and Pomerleau Inc. for construction management services.

Project status

In progress

Next step

Site preparation activities are underway. Construction of the science annex will begin in late 2023.

Project description

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) is redeveloping the existing Gulf Fisheries Centre into a multi-partner research and office facility. This new hub will be known as the Atlantic Science Enterprise Centre (ASEC).

ASEC will be equipped with modern lab spaces and technology, as well as offices and work spaces for over 700 employees from 4 federal organizations including:

The Canadian Space Agency will participate in the ASEC program as a virtual partner.

Project timeline

ASEC will be constructed in 3 phases so that the existing building can continue to be used during construction.

Completion is expected in 2031.


Benefits to Canadians

ASEC will facilitate collaboration and bring together federal scientists and external parties to advance coastal aquatic ecosystem research.

The research conducted through ASEC will improve protection and sustainability of Atlantic fresh and coastal saltwater aquatic resources. It will also monitor and protect coastal ecosystems of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Atlantic Ocean region for the benefit of Canadians that rely on them.

Video: New federal science centre in Moncton

New federal science centre in Moncton—State-of-the-art and eco-efficient design—Transcript

Start of video

[Music plays]

(Text on screen: Public Services and Procurement Canada)

(Text on screen: Future Home Atlantic Science Enterprise Centre)

(Text on screen: Futur site Centre d’entreprise des sciences de l’Atlantique)

(Text on screen: Ta'n Tett Wikitisk Tjatjigtogeoei Science Enterpriseoogom)

[A digital flythrough of a new government building complex is shown as though walking around the building. Trees and friendly outdoor space pass by in front of the modern structure.]

(Text on screen: New federal science centre in Moncton—State-of-the-art and eco-efficient design)

(Text on screen: This new facility will advance the understanding, protection, and sustainability of Atlantic freshwater and coastal ecosystems for future generations.)

[The viewpoint shifts to the front of the building to observe the incorporation of the original building’s façade and the new science annex. Digital renderings of people wandering about the grounds and enjoying the landscape are displayed.]

(Text on screen: The façade of the original facility will be reconstructed in commemoration of the former Collège Notre-Dame-d'Acadie, as it is an important symbol of Acadian heritage and is a prominent community landmark.)

(Text on screen: Four science-based organizations will occupy this facility upon completion. They include the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Environment and Climate Change Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and the National Research Council. The Canadian Space Agency will also participate virtually.)

[Descriptive text: The point of view moves to the front main lobby, where a skeleton of a North Atlantic right whale is displayed. This skeleton will serve as a dramatic reminder of why we must work so diligently to protect the health of our oceans and the species that live within them.

(Text on screen: A skeleton of a North Atlantic right whale will be on exhibit in the lobby.)

(Text on screen: In this bright, open space, design elements from different groups with ties to this building and place will be on display.)

(Text on screen: To create a welcoming environment, the auditorium will be designed with huge windows exposing the outside green landscape and a large multi-purpose room that could be partitioned for community activities and large gatherings.)

[Descriptive text: The point of view pans to show the south side of the building and gathering space before pulling back to show the full beauty of the building.]

(Text on screen: The Atlantic Science Enterprise Centre is expected to be fully operational by 2031.)

[Music stops]

(Text on screen: Check us out:,,,

(Public Services and Procurement Canada signature)

(Canada Wordmark)

End of video

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