How the federal government manages property

Learn about how we manage our real property portfolio responsibly.

Services and information

Partnering with the private sector

Find how and why we use the private sector for real property management and project delivery services (RP-1)

Greener federal buildings

Learn about what we’re doing to make federal buildings more environmentally friendly


Find information about the new Government of Canada initiative to modernize the workplace for the public service

Prompt payment in the construction industry

Learn what we're doing to improve payment practices throughout the construction industry

Valuation Guidelines

Understand the guidelines that ensure our real estate appraisal standards are consistent

Meeting the 75:25 office space target

Learn about our target to maintain at least 75% office occupancy in Ottawa and 25% occupancy in Gatineau

Computer-Aided Design and Drafting Standards

Meet the standards to create digital files that can be reused to manage facilities or future real estate projects

International perspectives on the future of workplaces in the public sector

Listen to our series of interviews on the progress of the future of workplaces and the modernization of office spaces for the public sector around the world

Real property careers

We employ specialists in a wide variety of areas. Learn about the work that these talented professionals do as well as the qualifications they need

Optimizing our real property portfolio

Long term plans to manage our national portfolio of buildings

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