The Long Term Vision and Plan for the Parliamentary Precinct—Annual Report 2019 to 2020

About this report

The 2019 to 2020 Long Term Vision and Plan (LTVP) Annual Report presents the many achievements of the LTVP in terms of the rehabilitation, operation, and modernization of the Parliamentary Precinct. It shares milestones of the projects begun, ongoing, and completed during the year and sets out plans for the future.

The report features the areas of greatest focus for Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) during the past year. These encompass:

The Parliamentary Precinct
An overview of the LTVP that explains its purpose, components, methodology, and history, while demonstrating its impact on Canada’s social, cultural, and economic progress
The Centre Block
The advancement of the LTVP’s largest project to date
Block 2
The launching of a major new project and its design competition
Other projects
Highlights of the many other projects that contribute to the overall development of the LTVP
Long Term Vision and Plan update
Achievements in planning, Universal Accessibility, and sustainability
Indigenous engagement
An integrated approach to engaging with Indigenous partners in order to fulfil a PSPC Minister mandate commitment
Response to COVID-19
How PSPC has responded to an unprecedented year
Program financial performance
Highlights of the planning and financial performance of the LTVP by program, demonstrating best value for Canadians
Financial information summary
More details of LTVP expenditures by program over the past fiscal year

Developed in accordance with the Government of Canada’s commitment to openness, transparency, and accountability, the LTVP Annual Report allows Canadians to follow the LTVP progress and the historic work being done to restore the precinct’s buildings and grounds.

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