Infographic: West Block Masonry

This infographic provides information on the West Block masonry project. This four-year complex, meticulous project was completed in February 2017.

Memorial Chamber Altars. Full text description provided below.

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West Block Masonry

  • Construction Manager – PCL
  • Masonry Trade – RJW / Gem Campbell

Interesting facts

At the peak of the masonry rehabilitation, over 200 masons were working on site each day.

RJW / Gem Campbell used 62 apprentices, including 18 women. This is the highest ever recorded in North America (IUBAC masonry union).

Facts about the Masonry

  • 140,000 masonry stones make up the West Block
  • 14% of the masonry had to be replaced
  • 45% of the masonry was dismantled and rebuilt
  • 3,000 tons of sand were used
  • 108,000 buckets of mortar
  • 28 chimneys and 2 spires were dismantled and rebuilt

3 types of stone make up the West Block’s exterior

Nepean sandstone:

  • Facades – background
  • Original – Nepean, Ontario
  • Current – St. Canut, Quebec

Berea sandstone:

  • Dressed/sculptural elements
  • Location – near Cleveland, Ohio (Berea formation)

Potsdam sandstone:

  • Red – arches above windows
  • Location – near Malone, northern New York State (Potsdam formation)

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