The CRTC authorizes a major change to Quebec’s radio broadcasting landscape

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April 30, 2019 – Ottawa-Gatineau – Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

Today, the CRTC authorized Leclerc Communication’s application to acquire radio stations CHOI-FM in Quebec City and CKLX-FM in Montreal.

In Quebec City, the CRTC requires that Leclerc Communication comply with the Common Ownership Policy for Radio, and refused the company’s request for an exception. As a result, Leclerc Communication will not be able to operate more than two French-language commercial FM radio stations in this market.

The CRTC has authorized an amendment to CKLX-FM Montreal’s licence to remove the conditions related to its specialty spoken word format. This will allow CKLX-FM to become a mainstream music station and thus enhance music programming for the Montreal market and maintain a diversity of voices. Leclerc’s proposed format will allow numerous Francophone Canadian artists, especially emerging artists, to increase their visibility.

The new CHOI-FM (Quebec City) and CKLX-FM (Montreal) broadcasting licences will expire on August 31, 2024.


“Today we are approving a major change in Quebec’s radio broadcasting landscape. The proposed format for the Montreal station includes the creation of a newsroom that will add a new editorial voice to the market, in addition to serving as a showcase for emerging artists. In Quebec City, the CRTC will continue to apply its policy to maintain a balance of competition in this market and avoid having any one player dominate in terms of revenues and listenership.”

- Dr. Caroline J. Simard, Vice-Chairperson, Broadcasting

Quick facts

  • Leclerc Communication currently owns two French-language commercial FM radio stations in the Quebec City market: CJEC-FM (WKND 91.9) and CFEL-FM (BLVD 102.1).

  • The Common Ownership Policy for Radio states that, in markets with eight commercial stations or more operating in a particular language, a person may be permitted to own or control as many as two AM and two FM stations in that language.

  • The Policy aims to ensure that Canadians have access to a variety of editorial voices within the radio component of the broadcasting system and that a balance of competition between radio broadcasters in any particular market is maintained.

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