Confirming a GST/HST account number

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How to confirm a GST/HST account number

Use the GST/HST Registry to confirm that the business charging you GST/HST is registered. This will help ensure that your claims for input tax credits only include GST/HST charged by someone who is registered for GST/HST.

To confirm a QST number, go to Revenu Québec.

What you need to know before using the GST/HST Registry

The GST/HST Registry is a free service. To use it, you need all of this information:

GST/HST account number

Enter only the first nine digits of the GST/HST account number. Do not include letters.

A supplier must include the GST/HST account number on receipts, invoices, contracts, or other business papers it gives out when it supplies taxable goods or services of $30 or more.

If you can't find the GST/HST account number, contact your supplier. When your supplier does not provide their GST/HST account number, call the Canada Revenue Agency's Business enquiries line at 1-800-959-5525 to confirm it is registered.

Business name

This is a supplier's legal, operating, or trading name, displayed on an invoice or posted on a sign at the place of business.

If you do not get any results using the name displayed, contact the business owner to find out the exact name they gave to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Transaction date

The transaction date is the date on the receipt, invoice, contract or other business paper.

What to do after confirming the GST/HST account number

Print the Search Details screen to make sure you claim input tax credits only for GST/HST charged by suppliers who are registered.

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If you are having trouble using the GST/HST Registry, call the Canada Revenue Agency's Business enquiries line at 1-800-959-5525.

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