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Institutional GBA Plus Capacity

The Secretariat is a micro-organization comprised of eight full-time equivalents. The organization is not involved in the development of programs or policies. Rather, it supports the review activities of the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians. As part of the support provided to the Committee, when and where applicable, the Secretariat utilizes a GBA Plus lens to support its analysis and advice.

While no single full-time equivalent was identified as a dedicated resource for GBA Plus activities, all employees completed the Women and Gender Equality Canada’s online Gender-based Analysis Plus training module. In addition, one staff member has completed the GBA Plus Premium training course.

As part of its recruitment activities, the Secretariat hired a group of employees with the appropriate mix of backgrounds, professional experience, research, and analytical skills to fulfill the organization’s responsibilities. This breadth of experience and competencies provides the Committee with high quality, non-partisan advice and support.

In 2019, the Secretariat supported through research, analysis and advice the Committee’s review of diversity and inclusion in Canada’s security and intelligence community. This review — the first multi-departmental analysis of its kind — provided a baseline assessment of the degree of representation of women, Aboriginal peoples, members of visible minorities and persons with disabilities within the security and intelligence community. It analyzed the goals, initiatives, programs and measures that departments and agencies had taken to promote diversity and inclusion.

In the 2020-21 fiscal year, the Committee’s chair and members of the Secretariat discussed the Committee’s review of diversity and inclusion in the security and intelligence community in an episode of a podcast dedicated to discussions of relevant issues affecting Canada’s national security law and intelligence landscape.

The Committee and its Secretariat may conduct a retrospective review in one to three years to assess the security and intelligence community’s progress in achieving and implementing its diversity goals and inclusion initiatives. 

Highlights of GBA Plus Results Reporting Capacity by Program


The Secretariat does not collect program data or possess databases as part of its review process. The Secretariat will utilize a GBA Plus lens to support its analysis and advice, when and where applicable.

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