The People of CSIS

Diversity and Inclusion

CSIS has been working to integrate new strategies and approaches to remove systemic barriers and broaden the organization’s understanding, appreciation, and valuing of diversity of all types. CSIS turned to its people, systems, and culture to implement this change. Recognizing the importance and value of including diversity and inclusion elements in CSIS’s practices and policies helps CSIS deliver its mandate more effectively.

In 2020, CSIS began developing a comprehensive Diversity and Inclusion Strategy to address bias, inclusive leadership, recruitment, career and development opportunities, and open communication on difficult issues such as systemic racism. This work complements the CSIS Accessibility Strategy with the purpose of ensuring a barrier-free workplace.

In 2020, CSIS has:

While recognizing there is more work to be done, CSIS is committed to taking meaningful action to ensure the organization reflects and supports the diverse and inclusive Canadian communities it protects.

Code of Conduct

Protecting Canada’s national security and that of its citizens is a critical job – and how CSIS employees conduct themselves and interact in the workplace is just as important. 2020 marked an important step in the organization’s commitment to providing a healthy and respectful workplace for all of our employees by publishing the CSIS Code of Conduct. CSIS employees are at the heart of this new Code of Conduct which was developed following extensive consultation across the organization to give every employee an opportunity to directly contribute to its development. In addition to adherence as a condition of employment, the CSIS Code of Conduct clearly articulates what is expected of employees and ensures accountability for fostering a respectful workplace. It puts forward the values employees are committed to uphold in their work environment: respect for people, respect for democracy, integrity, stewardship, and excellence. In all decisions, it is expected that CSIS considers, discusses and challenges itself to uphold these values in the workplace and in the work done for Canadians.

CSIS across Canada

CSIS Across Canada
Long description of infographic : CSIS Across Canada

Regional offices (from left to right)

  • British Columbia Region
    • Burnaby, BC
  • Prairie Region
    • Edmonton, AB
  • Toronto Region
    • Toronto, ON
  • NHQ & Ottawa Region
    • Ottawa, ON
  • Quebec Region
    • Montreal, QC
  • Atlantic Region
    • Halifax, NS

District offices (from left to right)

  • BC District
  • Alberta District
  • Saskatchewan District
  • Manitoba District
  • Ontario District (3)
  • Quebec District (2)
  • New-Brunswick District
  • Newfoundland and Labrador District

CSIS around the world

While CSIS has regional and district offices across Canada that are responsible for intelligence collection to fulfill CSIS’s mandate, there are also CSIS offices located around the world. These offices, or foreign stations, are responsible for CSIS’s activities and include, among others, a presence in the Canadian diplomatic missions in London, Paris, and Washington. 

These offices work to maintain the allied relationships that CSIS has forged over many years, as well as to investigate and collect information on threats to the security of Canada. The world is more inter-connected than ever before and not all national security threats to Canada emanate from within Canada’s borders.  Many threats to Canada’s national security have a nexus to someone or something happening elsewhere in the world – whether that be an extremist philosophy, a terrorist actor or a hostile state entity. CSIS’s foreign stations investigate these threats before they reach Canada’s borders.

In 2020, CSIS’s international work was impacted by COVID-19 as countries instituted severe measures to try and slow the spread of the virus including border closures, strict gathering and meeting restrictions, lockdowns, and national curfews. While these measures presented challenges, CSIS employees displayed great ingenuity and were able to maintain communication with important partners despite the difficulties presented by the pandemic. Quality intelligence continued to flow, including the delivery of information that assisted in CSIS’s significant work on outreach with the health and life science sectors.

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