Recruitment Notice

The Integrated Terrorism Assessment Centre (ITAC) is seeking qualified candidates from across the Canadian security and intelligence (S&I) community to join our team.

Work Environment

Co-located at CSIS national headquarters in Ottawa, ITAC is Canada’s only integrated all-source assessment organization. ITAC’s team comprises both indeterminate employees and employees seconded from federal and provincial partner institutions. Seconded employees are typically hired as intelligence analysts and are exposed to a challenging and diverse work environment that brings together experts from the Canadian S&I community and beyond.

ITAC analyzes intelligence derived from partner organizations to produce assessments on the terrorism threat to Canadians and Canadian interests at home and abroad. ITAC’s team has access to numerous open and classified information sources in support of this objective. ITAC assessments assist both first responders and senior government policymakers in responding to imminent and emerging threats and making decisions related to CT policy. Other Canadian stakeholders use ITAC assessments to develop international travel advisories and threat and risk assessments for Canadian missions, interests and persons abroad.


Summary of Functions

ITAC analysts are responsible for conducting research and analysis, and for writing a range of assessment products. These assessment products are shared with partners within the Canadian S&I community, within other federal government departments and agencies, across the first responder community, and with stakeholders in the private sector.

Additional analyst functions include:

Screening Criteria

*Significant experience is defined as the depth and breadth of experience normally associated with having performed these activities over a combined period of at least four years.

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