Release of CSIS 2020 Public Report


Ottawa, Ontario (April 12, 2021) - The Director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), David Vigneault, issued the following statement regarding the CSIS 2020 Public Report released today:

“I am pleased to release the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Public Report for 2020, which was submitted to the Minister of Public Safety on March 31, 2021. The report provides an overview of the threats to Canada’s security and national interests, and helps Canadians understand the role and activities of CSIS.

This Report, like the year 2020 itself, stands out from its predecessors. The extraordinary circumstances the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon the world reinforce the importance for Canadians to have trust in their national institutions including their security intelligence service and to know about the important work we do to protect Canadians and Canadian interests.  

The trust and confidence of Canadians in CSIS is critical to our legitimacy, operational effectiveness, and institutional credibility. While certain information must remain protected, providing an enhanced public view of our priorities, our people, and our areas of responsibility, is essential to maintaining that trust with the public.

The 2020 report highlights the innovative and critical work CSIS has conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep Canadians safe. It also reiterates that while violent extremism continue to capture a significant portion of CSIS’ attention and efforts, threats such as foreign interference and espionage are increasing and directly threaten Canada’s economic prosperity and national interests.

CSIS continues to evolve but our mission remains the same: to keep Canadians safe. CSIS is committed to fulfilling our mission, and we will continue to do so in a manner that reflects Canada’s values and the trust that Canadians have placed in us.

The people of CSIS take their responsibility to protect Canada to heart and carry out their duties diligently, knowing that they are making Canada a safer place. I am very proud of all their work and so too should Canadians.

I encourage all Canadians to read our newly released report to gain a comprehensive picture of how CSIS is working to keep Canada safe during these unprecedented times.”


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