Food and agricultural product exports

Certificates, quotas and other requirements for food exports.

Services and information

Food export certificates

Export certificates for food produced in Canada.

Dairy exports

The requirements for processing and distributing dairy products for export.

Processed egg exports

Procedures, inspections, notifications and forms for the export of processed eggs.

Shell egg exports

Requirements for the certification of shell eggs intended for export.

Exporting fish and seafood

Requirements for the certification of fish and seafood products for export.

Exporting fresh fruit and vegetables

Canadian export requirements for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Exporting honey

Canadian export standards for the grading, packing and labelling of honey.

Meat and poultry exports

Veterinary, sanitary, packing, marking, labelling and certification requirements.

Organic equivalency arrangements with other countries

Import and export trade agreements with other countries for organic foods.

Exporting sugar-containing products

Notices to exporters, U.S./Canada data reconciliation, quota holders and forms.

Exporting peanut butter

Notices to exporters, U.S./Canada data reconciliation and quota holders lists.

Exporting pet food

Animal health certificates and sanitary requirements for pet food exports.

Food exports regulated under the Food and Drugs Act

Exporting foods not regulated under commodity legislation.

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