Federally regulated business activities

Incorporating your business, labelling, privacy, competition, measurement accuracy and more.

Services and information

Business number registration

Getting a business number or program account for your registered business.

Federal incorporation

How to incorporate your business federally or how to maintain your corporation status.

Advertising and competition rules

Fair competition regulations for businesses and consumers.

Labelling requirements

The labelling requirements for consumer packaging, food, textiles, precious metals and pharmaceutical drugs.

Measurement accuracy requirements

Requirements to sell measured goods, device approvals, registering to sell electricity or gas and more.

Import permits and restrictions

Import controls, permits and licences, compliance requirements, sanctions and prohibited goods.

Export permits and restrictions

Export controls and requirements, certificates and permits, excise taxes, sanctions and prohibited goods.

Human resources regulations

Employment standards, workplace safety, as well as employment equity and human rights obligations.

Privacy and your business

Privacy obligations when collecting, using or disclosing personal information about individuals.

Environmental regulations

Federal acts, regulations and agreements to protect the environment and how to comply.

Accessibility regulations

Making your business accessible to persons with disabilities.

Health and safety regulations

The regulations and standards relating to product and workplace safety.

Insolvency for business

Help for businesses when filing for bankruptcy or making a proposal.

Intellectual property and copyright

Protecting your intellectual property, trademarks, copyright and using IP as a business tool.

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