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  1. The wear of insignia of any type is a uniform matter governed by these instructions. Information on the design of specific insignia, including requests for changes to badges, are contained in A-DH-200-000/AG-000 The Heritage Structure of the Canadian Armed Forces.


  1. Branches, regiments and units may be authorized to wear additional approved insignia and accoutrements as optional items. See Chapter 2, Section 1, paragraphs 24. to 26.
  2. Insignia are worn in similar positions by all environments and both genders, unless otherwise specifically authorized.
  3. Pinned-on insignia may be temporarily removed by those working near aircraft to reduce Foreign Object Damage (FOD) hazards, or by those in other work environments, e.g., kitchens, where a health or safety hazard exists. Metal rank insignia are replaced by combat or other suitable cloth insignia, on slip-ons.
  4. Additional details are in:
    1. Chapter 2, Section 3, for adherents of the Sikh religion;
    2. Chapter 5, for ceremonial, mess, service, and operational orders of dress;
    3. Chapter 6, for full dress and undress uniforms; and
    4. Chapter 7, for health, safety, and occupational dress items.

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