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  1. When officers of flag/general rank, including foreign officers, are travelling by staff car or other military vehicle in their official capacity, or proceeding on official business, a special plate shall be displayed on the front and rear of the vehicle. Plates shall not be displayed during routine travel. If more than one officer of flag/general rank is in the vehicle, the plate for the highest rank shall be displayed.
  2. The universal-pattern plate (Figure 14-4-1) shall be in the Canadian national colours (red with silver maple leaves - silver heraldically representing white); however flag/general officers may, at their own personal expense, have alternative colour plates produced in the following traditional service colours:
    1. navy – navy blue;
    2. army – scarlet (which is the universal pattern); and
    3. air force – air force light blue.
  3. The plate shall be displayed only when the officer is in the vehicle. It shall not be displayed when proceeding to pick up or returning from delivery of the officer. A hood shall be provided to cover any plate which is not reversible or removable.
  4. Distinguishing plates shall not be displayed on staff cars when the entitled officer is driving the vehicle.


  1. When officers of flag/general rank, including foreign officers, are transported by CAF aircraft, the aircraft shall, when practicable, display a plate similar to that illustrated in Figure 14-4-1. It shall be affixed in a prominent position, normally near and outside the passenger entrance door. If more than one officer of flag/general rank is aboard the aircraft, the plate appropriate to the highest rank aboard shall be displayed.


  1. Universal-pattern flag/general officer rank plates and emblems for vehicles and aircraft are provided to designated bases and units in accordance with materiel authorization scale CFS-13, Scale Number D13-101, issued by National Defence Headquarters/Director Material Management and Distribution (DMMD).
  2. Retired flag/general officers, including former Chiefs of the Defence Staff, are not entitled to a distinguishing flag on a staff car, but may be provided with a universal-pattern car plate. (Provision of alternative colour car plates is the responsibility of the retired officer)

Figure 14-4-1 Flag/General Officer Plates

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