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  1. Although cadet corps in Canada do not form part of the Canadian Forces (CF), they have been organized on military lines since at least 1861, and for many years carried the Royal Union Flag, without inscriptions, as a banner.
  2. Prior to the Second World War, many army cadet corps were in possession of unofficial "Colours", normally smaller than Colours used by the services. These flags were never authorized, but were used until the official definition of Colours in 1943 stated that Colours were presented to fighting units only. Similarly, the "White Ensign" was flown by some sea cadet units before 1927.
  3. In general, cadet flag classes parallel those of the CF as listed in Figure 4A-1.


  1. Command Colours (combatant navy/air force commands only)
  2. Unit Colours (military colleges, armoured and infantry regiments and battalions, and air force squadrons only)
  3. Command and other camp flags


  1. A single cadet organizational “Banner”, when authorized.
  2. Army cadet corps flag; air cadet squadron banner
  3. Sea cadet flag; army cadet camp flag; air cadet ensign

Figure 4A-1 Cadet Flags and their Parallel in the CF

  1. Instructions for the use of cadet flags are issued by National Defence Headquarters/Director General Reserves and Cadets.
  2. Cadet flags are not consecrated, and honours are not paid to them by members of the CF.


  1. Sea Cadet corps used the "Blue Ensign" and the Navy League "Jack" until 1953, when the Chief of the Naval Service approved the design for the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets' Flag. It was used until October 1976, when a new design was approved by the Sovereign for use in Canada (see Figure 4A-2).


  1. Royal Canadian Army Cadets' Banner. A single Army Cadets' Banner was presented in 1985. It is carried on parade on national occasions in the same manner as CF Command Colours (see Figure 4A-3).
  2. Royal Canadian Army Cadets' Flag. Prior to the Second World War, no specific design of flag was designated. A cadet flag finally was authorized in Canadian Army General Order 219 of May 1944, and a new design of this flag was approved by the Sovereign in January 1973 (see Figure 4A-4). Individual corps devices may be borne on this flag.
  3. Royal Canadian Army Cadets' Camp Flag. See Figure 4A-5.


  1. Royal Canadian Air Cadets' Banner. A single Air Cadets' Banner was presented in 1991. It is carried on parade on national occasions in the same manner as CF Command Colours (see Figure 4A-6).
  2. Royal Canadian Air Cadets' Ensign. The original Air Cadets' Ensign was approved by the Sovereign in 1941. A new Ensign for the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, incorporating the National Flag of Canada in the canton of the flag, was approved by the Queen in September 1971 (see Figure 4A-7).
  3. Squadron Banners. See Figure 4A-8.

Figure 4A-2 Royal Canadian Sea Cadets Flag

Figure 4A-3 Royal Canadian Army Cadets Banner

Figure 4A-4 Royal Canadian Army Cadets Flag

Figure 4A-5 Royal Canadian Army Cadets Camp Flag

Figure 4A-6 Royal Canadian Air Cadets Banner

Figure 4A-7 Royal Canadian Air Cadets Ensign

Figure 4A-8 Design for an Air Cadet Squadron Banner

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