Military art

Military art

Canadian military art, propaganda and posters from the First and Second World War, and learn more about the Canadian artists behind them.



War art

Browse our collection of Canadian artwork from the First and Second World War.

War posters

Find a series of war posters used in mobilizing and encouraging Canadians during the war effort.

Education: Canada’s war art

Read about the Canadian War Museum’s collections and learn about the history of Canadian war art.

Canada’s Naval History: artworks and posters

An extensive collection of sketches, paintings and posters documenting different aspects of Canadian naval history.

William Redver Stark

Read and view Life on the Lines with the 1st Battalion of Canadian Railway Troops.

Molly Lamb Bobak: Canada’s first female Canadian war artist

A digitized version of Molly Lamb Bobak’s Second World War diary which includes many of her sketches.

Canvas of War: masterpieces from the Canadian War Museum

A virtual exhibit of the Canadian War Museum’s collection of art work from the First and Second World War.

Browse by war art collection

Explore a gallery of more than 30 Second World War paintings and learn more about the art and artists.

RCN Sculptor-in-Residence

Profiles of notable people in the history of Canada’s Navy and photos of their sculptures.

What we are doing


Canada’s War Artists’ Perspective

A virtual exhibit featuring the works of war artists such as Alex Colville and Jack Nichols.

Sketches by William Redver Stark

Find sketches capturing the day-to-day life of a First World War soldier.

Molly Lamb Bobak

Read about Canada’s first female Canadian war artist and view her war diary.

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