New France (1534-1763)

New France (1534-1763)

The first French settlement in North America, known as “New France” from 1534 to 1763. Primary and secondary sources of data tell the story from a cultural, economic and military perspective.


Services and information

Historical timeline

Timeline of European settlement in Canada, from 1000 to 1774.

Arrival of Strangers exhibition

The arrival of Europeans seen through Indigenous eyes.

History of First Nations: Newcomer relations

Military and commercial alliances between Europeans and Indigenous Peoples up to 1763.

Virtual museum of New France

Everyday life of settlers in New France, including economic activities and social customs.

History of treaty-making

Timeline of treaties between European and Indigenous Peoples in Canada from 1534 to the present..

Early North American warfare

Battles waged by the French and English forces to secure control of the land.

Archival records and resources

Search databases and find online resources for archival information.

National historic sites

Plan your visit to Canadian military landmarks dating back to New France.


Documentaries about New France and its people.

What we are doing


Madwoman of God (film)

A nun standing at a window looking out towards the sky

Watch this feature-length film, which tells the story of Marie de l’Incarnation, the first female writer of New France.

Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site

Visitors welcomed by characters in period costumes in the village

Plan a trip to Forges du Saint-Maurice, Canada’s first industrial village known for its ironworks.

A History of the Canadian Dollar – New France (PDF)

Playing cards used as currency inscribed with a value and signed by the governor of New France in 1714

Read about how the use of playing cards contributed to the development of New France’s economy.

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