Benefits and rights for Indigenous peoples

Find out about certain rights and benefits guaranteed to Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Services and information

Indian status

Find out more about Indian status and status card applications, the Indian Register, band membership, estates, band moneys and treaty annuity payments.

Non-insured health benefits for First Nations and Inuit

Learn about the Non-Insured Health Benefits program and how to access it. Also search for important health-related resources, contact information and the Drug Benefit List.

Social programs

Learn about the key social programs Indigenous Services Canada funds in First Nation communities, as well as other supports for Inuit families.

Indigenous electors

Find out how to exercise your right to vote.

Taxes and benefits for Indigenous peoples

Find out more about benefits and credits, tax exempt income under the Indian Act, COVID-19 related benefits and doing your taxes.

Tax exemption under the Indian Act

Learn about tax benefits, rules and exemptions that apply under section 87 of the Indian Act.

Matrimonial real property on reserve

Find out what rights and protections are available after the end of a marriage, common-law relationship or death of a spouse or common-law partner.

Applying for a firearms licence

Find out more about the adapted regulations for Indigenous peoples who practice traditional hunting.

Indigenous peoples and human rights in Canada

Learn about the relationship between Indigenous peoples and the Canadian Human Rights Act.

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Learn about Canada's endorsement and commitment to implement this declaration.

International Indigenous human rights

Get information on initiatives focusing on international Indigenous issues.

Canadian Armed Forces Programs for Indigenous peoples

Educational programs and entry plans for Indigenous peoples including the Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year, Canadian Forces Aboriginal Entry Program and Summer Training Programs.

Reconciliation strategy

Learn about our reconciliation strategy, including vision, action areas, principles and how we measure results.


The reconciliation journey

New steps on the journey of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

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