The new Skills for Success model

From: Employment and Social Development Canada

The Skills for Success model is for all Canadians who need to improve their foundational and transferable skills. The model responds to the needs of the current and future labour market.

To learn more about what has changed, read the full Skills for Success research report.

What’s changed

Here is what changed in the move from the Essential Skills framework to the new Skills for Success model.

  • Two new skills: Adaptability – which integrates continuous learning – and creativity and innovation
  • Document Use integrated in reading, writing and numeracy
  • The scope of computer use is now broader to cover digital, which includes the use of different digital devices and platforms
  • Oral communication is now communication and includes broader concepts, such as non-verbal communication
  • Working with others is now collaboration to reflect a broader scope, which contains inclusivity and respect for diversity
  • Thinking skills, which includes critical thinking and decision-making, is now problem solving

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