Commercial crime

Learn about the types of commercial crime, how they affect the Canadian economy and what the Government is working on to detect and prevent criminal activity before it happens.


What is commercial crime?

Learn about commercial crime, and how the RCMP detects and prevents it while enforcing the law where required.

National interest investigations

Learn about investigations that concern corruption of domestic public officials.


Learn about corruption, in Canada and internationally.

Major fraud

Learn what constitutes major fraud and the different types.

Bankruptcy and insolvency

Learn about how the RCMP works to maintain the integrity of the bankruptcy and insolvency process through investigation of related criminal activity.


Learn about counterfeiting, its manufactured currency, how to identify and report it.

Identity theft and identity fraud

Understand identity theft and fraud and how you can prevent it.


Learn about the different types of scams, how to identify them and protect yourself.

Money laundering

Learn how Canada is active in the international fight against money laundering.

Report economic crime

Learn about different fraud types, how to protect yourself and report a crime.

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