Crime and crime prevention

Crime and crime prevention

Learn about crime, its enforcement, and effective ways to prevent it.

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Services and information

Cold cases, missing, murdered and wanted individuals

Learn about programs and services pertaining to cold cases, missing, murdered and wanted individuals, including how to report on a specific case.


Learn about the types of cybercrime in Canada and the world, what the Government's response is, and the ways you can prevent it.

Organized crime

Learn about organized crime and its impact on Canadian society.

Firearm, drug and tobacco crime

Learn about crime related to firearms, drugs and other illicit products, and programs in place to combat them.

Human trafficking and smuggling

Learn about the fight against human trafficking and smuggling, and the help and protection available for victims.

Commercial crime

Learn about the types of commercial crime, how they affect the Canadian economy and what the Government is working on to detect and prevent criminal activity before it happens.

Violent crime and abuse

Learn about violent crime and abuse, and how enforcement agencies use technology to assist in the investigations of such crimes.

Crime prevention

Learn how the Government provides national leadership on effective and cost-effective ways to prevent and reduce crime by intervening on the risk factors before crime happens.

Victims of crime

Information and assistance for victims of crime.

Crime statistics

Find information on crime occurrence in Canada.

Forced Labour in Canadian Supply Chains

Forced labour and child labour in Canadian supply chains. Reporting obligation for certain entities and government institutions.

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