Video - Services for Victims of Crime


Are you – or someone you are related to – a victim of a crime for which the offender is serving a federal prison sentence of two years or more?

Are you someone who provides care for a crime victim or their children where the offender is serving a federal prison sentence?

If so, you have a right to request information about the offender while they are serving a federal sentence.

The Government of Canada offers free information for victims of crime on:

  • Federal services available to victims;
  • How to register to receive information about a federal offender;
  • How the federal correctional and parole systems work; and
  • Federal restorative justice services.

If you have questions you can call the National Office for Victims toll-free at 1-866-525-0554 from anywhere in Canada or the United States.

Learn more about the services offered by the National Office for Victims.

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