Victims of crime

Victims of crime

Information and assistance for victims of crime.

Services and information

Victims' roles and rights in the criminal justice system

Learn who is considered a victim of crime under the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights and about their rights in the criminal justice system.

When a victim reports an incident or criminal activity

Learn more about criminal charges, pro-active referrals, peace bonds and restitution.

Court and trial

Learn about the roles of key participants, including judge and jury, in the court process and learn what happens in court and at trial.


Learn about many types of sentences or combinations of penalties and how sentences are imposed by the court. Also find out about victim impact statements and community impact statements.

Federal corrections and parole

Learn about how a victim can obtain information regarding an offender who has harmed them and about the role victims can play in the federal correctional and parole systems.

Victim services and funding

Additional information and assistance for victims of crime.

Victims' stories and testimonials

Videos, photo essays and written testimonials from those affected by crime.

Office of the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime

Learn about this independent resource for victims in Canada, and about the Federal Ombudsman’s role.

CSC Victims Services

At CSC, we are committed to ensuring that victims of crime have an effective voice in the federal correctional and justice system.

What we are doing


Infographics - Victim Information

Information that victims of federal offenders are entitled to

Video – Victims rights and the correctional system in Canada

Message from Anne Kelly, Commissioner of the Correctional Service of Canada

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