Energy, nuclear, and oil and gas research funding

Energy, nuclear, and oil and gas research funding

Funding for research projects on clean energy, renewable power and energy alternatives.

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Energy Innovation Program

Funding to support reducing emissions, including GHGs, through research, development and demonstration of clean energy technologies, with the aim of meeting 2050 clean growth targets.

Green Infrastructure Program

Funding for the deployment and market entry of next-generation clean energy infrastructure by investing in commercial-scale technology demonstrations, deployment, community capacity building, and targeted research and development.

Clean Growth Program

Funding for clean technology research and development (R&D) and demonstration projects in three Canadian sectors: energy, mining and forestry.

Energy research funding

Funding for R&D projects designed to ensure a sustainable energy future for Canada's economy and environment.

Nuclear regulatory research funding

Funding for topics of regulatory interest related to nuclear and waste management.

Research funding related to oil and gas

Funding for environmental and social research relating to petroleum production on Canada's frontier lands.

Natural sciences and engineering research funding

Funding for research and partnerships in natural sciences and engineering.

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