Research funding and awards

Research funding and awards

Funding and awards for scientific research, research infrastructure and research networks.

Services and information


Undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral scholarships, awards and bursaries.

Research awards

Research awards and awards for impact and excellence.

Canada Research Coordinating Committee

News, members and a work plan to improve the coordination efforts of Canada's granting agencies.

Scientific research funding

Environmental funding

Financial support for environmental projects and for participation in environmental assessments.

Health research funding

Funding for biomedical, clinical, health systems services and population health research.

Social sciences and humanities research funding

Grants and scholarships for social sciences and humanities research.

Natural sciences and engineering research funding

Funding for research and partnerships in natural sciences and engineering.

Aerospace, defence and security research funding

Research grants and repayable contributions for research in aerospace, space, defence and security.

Energy, nuclear, and oil and gas research funding

Funding for research projects on clean energy, renewable power and energy alternatives.

Polar research funding

Funding and awards for researchers focusing on polar issues and northern science.

Genomics research funding

Funding opportunities for large-scale genomics projects.

Innovation and business research funding

Consumer issues research funding

Funding for research on consumer issues by non-profit and voluntary organizations.

Innovation funding and support

Funding and advisory support for research and development (R&D), innovation and commercialization projects.

Research network funding

Funding for commercialization, research and other business-led networks of centres of excellence.

International research and collaboration opportunities

Funding for global research and in support of collaboration with researchers from other countries.

Infrastructure and research support funding

Funding for institutions in support of world-class research and infrastructure investments.

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