Accessibility, Accommodation and Adaptive Computer Technology (AAACT)

The Government of Canada (GC) envisions a public service that is a world leader in barrier-free, inclusive workplaces and services. The Accessibility, Accommodation and Adaptive Computer Technology program (AAACT) is committed to making this vision a reality by:

  • supporting departments who offer programs and services to Canadians
  • building accessible workplaces with equal opportunities for all employees

AAACT's services and solutions help the public service to serve all Canadians, including those with disabilities. Our expertise in accessible digital content ensures GC products and services are available to everyone. We offer training, tools and testing services to help departments create accessible digital content that is inclusive by design such as documents, presentations and web content.

For public servants with disabilities or injuries, AAACT offers a wide range of adaptive computer technologies, tools, training, services and resources. Our programs and support help users explore, experiment, and learn about adaptive solutions and collaborative workplaces. We create individual workplans that allow public servants to work collaboratively in a safe, accessible and productive environment

AAACT serves all GC employees and departments, in person and remotely, in various types of work arrangements.

To learn more about AAACT's services for employees, management and digital accessibility please visit our “How can AAACT help you?” services page.

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