Agile procurement pilot emphases the importance of innovation, invites creativity

In November 2018, we launched our first agile procurement process for the purchase of digital goods and services, in collaboration with Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat and Public Services and Procurement Canada.

In the traditional tendering process, we often provide companies with a detailed outline of the solution we want them to provide. This agile procurement process, on the other hand, features “challenge-based procurement,” where we present companies with a problem and invite them to solve it.
This is a new and promising approach for government procurement. The agile approach:

  • Offers industry a simplified and less-risky competitive bidding process.
  • Encourages increased industry participation, particularly from small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).
  • Increases the pool of innovative solutions we have to choose from.

“We are really looking to embrace creativity,” says Pat Breton, Director General of Procurement and Vendor Relations for SSC. “Through this process, we are asking industry to fall in love with the problem and collaboratively work with us to find the best solution to ensure the best possible outcomes for Canadians.”

All solutions submitted and pitched through the challenge-based procurement process will be scored in a fair and transparent way. The ultimate goal is to benefit SSC’s Government of Canada customers and help them deliver high-quality services to Canadians.

This is only one way that SSC is working to change the way we buy IT infrastructure for the Government of Canada. Stay tuned to learn about our other efforts to embrace the marketplace of ideas by making procurement faster, easier and more inclusive.

Challenge-based solicitation
Graphical representation of the challenge-based solicitation
Text version – Challenge-based solicitation
1. Proposal submission
SSC asks companies to submit a short proposal detailing their solution.
2. Solution Presentation
SSC invites up to 10 bidders* to present their solutions.
3. Model / Prototype Development
SSC awards up to four companies** a $25,000 contract to develop models or prototypes. Each contract includes an option to deliver and maintain the application.
4. Assessment and Selection
SSC assesses the merit of the prototypes and exercises the option with the company proposing the best solution.***

* Including two SMBs or under-represented groups that meet the mandatory requirements.

** Including at least one SMB or under-represented group that shows they can satisfy the mandatory requirements.

*** The resulting contract includes an option to implement the chosen solution for other government departments.

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