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Using a government-wide approach, SSC delivers reliable and secure IT operations, IT infrastructure and communication and workplace technology services that support and enable government-wide programs and digital services for the public service.

SSC’s enterprise approach focuses on the Government of Canada (GC) in its entirety and moves away from providing unique services for each department and agency. While there is no single “one-size-fits-all” approach, SSC is working with its federal partners and clients to improve the user experience by consolidating, modernizing and standardizing digital services wherever possible. Our collective knowledge, expertise and working relationships will be leveraged to achieve a collaborative, user-focused approach that will benefit everyone and meet the real needs of Canadians.

SSC’s Enterprise IT Procurement function is a key enabler of the digital services and tools that SSC provides to its partner and client departments, as well as government entities, which are often fulfilled through innovative and technically validated procurement instruments and enterprise contracts.

SSC is guided by a collaborative procurement strategy that integrates environmental and social priorities with economic development and innovation, while ensuring best value. SSC also gives precedence to competition, and adheres to sound procurement principles, including fairness, openness and transparency.

SSC procurements comply with all legal obligations such as those arising from modern treatise (such as Comprehensive Land Claims Agreements), trade agreements, official languages, accessibility, financial management, privacy, environmental sustainability and security legislation.

Agile procurement

SSC’s Centre of Expertise in Agile and Innovative Procurement (CoEAIP) successfully implemented the Agile Procurement Process 3.0 (APP 3.0), an outcomes-based procurement framework that incorporates elements of agile project management methodology to simplify and innovate procurement processes and to increase participation from vendors.

As part of APP 3.0, CoEAIP established ScaleUp, a social procurement initiative that aims to simplify the bidding process, incorporate agile concepts from APP 3.0, and increase the diversity of bidders by targeting micro and small businesses, as well as businesses led or owned by women, visible minorities, people with disabilities, and Indigenous Canadians, by setting aside procurements for those groups on Government of Canada contracts for competitive requirements up to $229,600.

For more information about APP 3.0, please contact For more information about ScaleUp, please contact

Procure-to-Pay Solution

Shared Services Canada (SSC) uses a Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Solution, to electronically manage the procurement to payment processes and improve internal efficiencies by standardizing and streamlining the way we procure, pay, and interact with Suppliers. This is the first electronic procurement system with a Supplier self-service solution for Government of Canada (GoC) procurement.

The P2P Solution modernizes business practices, expedites processing and payment, and increases transparency with Suppliers. It introduces an online and collaborative format for purchasing with SSC and enables the consolidation of requirements and the optimization of procurement for SSC employees, management, and Suppliers. In December 2019, clients from Other Government Departments (OGD) were migrated onto the P2P Solution, to submit their Purchase Requisitions to SSC for all IT related goods and services.

Register for a P2P Account

Suppliers may register a P2P account by visiting the Supplier Portal within the P2P Solution.

Other Government Department (OGD) Requestors may submit a ticket with the P2P Helpdesk at:

SSC employees may request a P2P Account through the GCSX system.

Looking for P2P Training & Support? Have Feedback you would like to share on the P2P Solution?

The P2P Training Team holds recurring training sessions for Requestors, Approvers, Procurement Officers and Suppliers. Details on how to register for an upcoming session, as well as online resources such as ‘How to’ documents and instructional videos can be found on the Training Portal within the P2P Solution. For general support, please contact the helpdesk at 1-833-841-9359 or

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