Procurement at Shared Services Canada

The Enterprise IT Procurement (EITP) makes sure the goods and services supplied by vendors and offered to our customers provide the best value for their business needs, are of high quality and are delivered on time.

Enterprise IT Procurement enables SSC to follow a strategic sourcing and procurement plan through the centralization of contract administration and the acquisition of IT and other goods and services.

With careful attention to overall strategy and supporting technology, this directorate effectively manages long-term partnerships and ensures that supplied goods are of high quality and that they are procured at the best value and provided in a timely fashion.

Shared Services Canada has established:

Shared Services Canada is dedicated to continually improving the way it procures goods and has made significant progress in reducing barriers to entry for small and medium-sized businesses and the inclusion of underrepresented socioeconomic groups.

Shared Services Canada is committed to achieving the best value when obtaining the most secure and most reliable information technology products and services for the Government of Canada and Canadians.

Shared Services Canada conducts procurement processes, as per the Government of Canada’s Contracting Policy. Whenever possible, SSC uses competition to get the best value for Canadians.

SSC Procurement by the numbers

Text description – SSC Procurement by the numbers

A visual containing three columns depicting SSC’s procurement numbers.

The first column is entitled: Competitive Procurement

The text in the Competitive Procurement column reads:

1,645 competitive procurement processes = $1.13 billion = 87%
1,210 non-competitive processes = $170 million = 13%

The middle column is entitled: Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

The text in the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) column reads:

79% of contracts to SMEs in 2019-2020 = $877 million
97% of that value to Canadian companies

The third column is entitled: Indigenous Businesses

The text in the Indigenous Businesses column reads:

117 contracts awarded to Indigenous Businesses = $35.8 million in 2019 +
Development of new procurement tools to help Indigenous businesses

Green Procurement

SSC supports the Greening Government Strategy, led by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.

By purchasing IT products that meet sustainability certifications (Green Electronics Council) SSC is using its buying power to help reduce the environmental impacts of GC IT infrastructure. The industry-certified products purchased by SSC from 2014 to 2020 will consume less energy throughout their lifetime, resulting in:

Text description – Saving Energy

A visual containing 3 boxes depicting energy savings through SSC’s information technology procurements

A descriptor text above the 3 boxes reads: The Electronic Product Environment Assessment Tool’s (EPEAT) requirements that registered products meet, and often exceed, the latest ENERGY STAR specifications means these products will consume less energy throughout their lifetime resulting in:

First box:
$138,040,409 CAD in lifetime cost savings

Second box:
Savings in 1,119,844 MWh of electricity – enough to power 92,183 average households for a year

Third box:
Greenhouse gas emissions reduction of 215,424 metric tons of CO2 – equal to taking 46,129 average passenger cars off the road for a year

Text description – Environmental Impact

A visual containing 5 columns depicting the environmental impacts of SSC’s information technology procurements

A descriptor text above the 5 columns reads: Over their lifetime, products that do not meet EPEAT criteria, the EPEAT-registered products purchased by Shared Services Canada in 2014-2019, will result in environmental impact reductions including:

First box:
Reduce use of primary material
273,268 metric tons = 52,552 elephants

Second box:
Eliminate the equivalent of
14, 029 metric tons = 7,542 average households’ solid waste for a year

Third box:
Hazardous waste avoided
2,285 metric tons = 18,891 refrigerators

Fourth box:
Avoidance of water pollutant emissions
1,565 metric tons

Fifth box:
Reduce water consumption
429,036,343 litres = 172 Olympic-sized swimming pools

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