How to apply to the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command

The Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) can provide you with a unique and challenging work environment, whether it be in a support role or in one of the operator-focused roles.

Federal public servants

Federal public servants may apply for certain positions within CANSOFCOM, for example, specializations in human resources, policy, and public affairs.

If you think that public service within CANSOFCOM is your preferred career path, you are encouraged to visit the Government of Canada Job Bank for more information about positions.

Canadian Armed Forces members

CANSOFCOM units recruit directly from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), Regular and Reserve Forces, for a variety of employment opportunities. The CANSOFCOM method of selection is dependent on the unit and the position sought.

CAF personnel joining CANSOFCOM must have completed their operationally functional point (OFP) in their current occupation and demonstrate that they have the special attributes and training desired to fill these demanding roles.

If you are a Regular or Reserve Force member wishing to join CANSOFCOM, please visit the join a unit webpage for more information on applying for a position.

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