Canadian Special Operations Training Centre (CSOTC)

Canadian Special Operations Training Centre

About the unit

The Canadian Special Operations Training Centre (CSOTC) supports the operational requirements of the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM).

CSOTC focuses on the human platform as the foundation of Special Operations Forces (SOF) capability. This is emphasized through the development of cognitive strength – critical thinking, innovation, adaptation, and problem-solving within the context of a broad spectrum of conflict. This training and education allow SOF professionals to develop and employ specific skills during mission execution, contextualize the operational and strategic effects achieved by their missions, and rapidly operationalize new equipment and technologies.

Our responsibilities

Our main responsibility is the training and education of SOF professionals. This includes SOF occupation leadership courses, readiness training packages, and courseware common to all SOF members.

CSOTC is also responsible for pan-command attraction and recruiting that supports the rigorous process of selecting CAF members for employment in CANSOFCOM.

CSOTC exercises the authorities and responsibilities of a training authority on behalf of Commander CANSOFCOM, including the governance and oversight of Command training standards.

CSOTC is home to the Special Operations Depot (SOD) that provides critical third-line support to CANSOFCOM.

CSOTC is charged with being the cultural underpinning for the Command by inculcating and fostering CANSOFCOM culture and providing support to cultural initiatives.

Our expertise

We are recognized nationally and internationally as the SOF training institution of excellence.

Our members are highly qualified and very carefully selected from within CANSOFCOM and across the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

We develop and deliver relevant education and training to support CANSOFCOM’s unique needs.


CSOTC was created in 2012, making it the most recent unit in CANSOFCOM. Its mission is to educate, train, and develop CANSOFCOM personnel to support the Command’s operational outputs. Its continually evolving nature has given it many attributes of a CANSOF warfare centre. This specialized training centre was embedded in the Command’s original concept of operations in 2006 but was not created due to ongoing combat operations in Afghanistan.

CSOTC was created with a small cadre of experienced CANSOFCOM personnel and focused on a handful of courses designed to provide a common entry point for Command support personnel, as well as some specific technical-skills training. CSOTC continues to expand its individual courseware offerings in a progressive manner while absorbing additional institutional responsibilities such as attraction and recruiting activities, acting as the CANSOFCOM training authority and the SOD.

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If you are interested in joining, please contact our recruiting office at 1-613-687-5511 ext. 4007 or email:

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