Airport Critical Infrastructure Program


The Airport Critical Infrastructure Program (ACIP) is a contribution funding program to help Canada’s larger airports make critical investments in safety, security or connectivity to mass transit.

With $489.6 million available over five years, the Program will help eligible airports mitigate the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, as part of the Government of Canada’s strategy to ensure that Canada’s air transportation system provides Canadians with choice, connectivity and affordable air travel.

Canada’s world-leading network of airports has been put under substantial financial strain as a result of the dramatic decline in passenger travel resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Infrastructure projects, including those at airports, are generally long horizon investments with years of planning beforehand and many years of benefits thereafter.

Funding may be provided to owners and/or operators of the following types of airports:

  • National Airport System (NAS) airports with annual passenger volumes of over 525,000 passengers (as of December 2019)

  • Non-NAS Airports with annual passenger volumes of over 525,000 passengers (as of December 2019)

Eligible projects include:

  • Safety-related projects (e.g., runway and lighting rehabilitation)

  • Infrastructure projects for the purposes of operational efficiency and/or to enhance security at airports

  • Improvements to mass transit connections at airports

More information on ACIP, including program eligibility requirements and funding application process, can be found here:

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