Assets and Acquired Services

Sound practices for investment planning, project management, procurement and asset management enable the efficient delivery of government programs and services to Canadians in a cost effective manner. They are essential to the effective functioning of government operations and the achievement of key government priorities (e.g. procurement modernization, greening government operations, accessibility) and other commitments such as agreements on international and internal trade. The management of assets and acquired services in the Government of Canada is governed by legislation, regulation and policies, many of which are the responsibility of the Treasury Board.

The Acquired Services and Assets Sector (ASAS) plays a lead role in supporting the commitment of the Office of the Comptroller General (OCG) to strengthen the management of assets and acquired services within the Government of Canada. The Sector continues to develop and implement policy instruments governing procurement, real property, materiel management, investment planning and project management. Through its policies, advice and support, ASAS assists federal departments and agencies in providing value for money and sound stewardship in the management of their assets and acquired services. ASAS also strengthens the professional capacity of the procurement, materiel management, real property and project management communities throughout the public service through a range of capacity building and community development initiatives.

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