National Action Plan on Open Government

National Action Plan on Open Government

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The Government of Canada has been a member of the international Open Government Partnership (OGP) since 2012. The OGP brings together national and sub-national governments from around the world who are committed to advancing transparent, participatory, inclusive and accountable governance. To remain a member of the OGP, the Government of Canada must work with civil society and the public to develop and carry out a National Action Plan on Open Government every two to four years.

As the plan is carried out, a tracker is used to make sure the government is following through on its commitments

Canada’s 2022–24 National Action Plan on Open Government

The 2022–24 National Action Plan includes commitments and milestones to make the Government of Canada more open, transparent and accountable to those it serves. The government used feedback from the public to make sure that the plan reflects what matters most to the people of Canada.

This plan has five themes, listed below, with commitments and milestones for each.

  1. Climate change and sustainable growth

    • Giving people access to the information they need to understand the impacts of climate change
  2. Democracy and civic space

    • Protecting against misinformation and disinformation
    • Making sure everyone has the chance to take part in fair democratic processes
  3. Fiscal, financial and corporate transparency

    • Using a public beneficial ownership registry to hinder money laundering and tax evasion
    • Implementing a system to track government spending on software and technology
  4. Justice

    • Helping people and organizations across the country get what they need to address their legal problems
  5. Open data for results

    • Making the data people want easy to get, use and understand
    • Incorporating open data into everyday government practices

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