Government-wide reporting on spending and operations

Government spending, access to information and privacy, audit and evaluation, departmental reports.

Services and information

Government spending

Federal budget, finances, planned spending, reports on expenses, investment, transfers

Access to information and privacy

Government information available to the public, request information

Audit and evaluation

Audits, evaluations, Auditor General reports, resources for professionals

Departmental results reports

Departments report on performance, expenditures and human resources

Treasury Board submissions

How departments seek approval for new programs and projects

Commissions of Inquiry

List of past commissions and different kinds of commissions

Management Accountability Framework

Best practices and performance expectations for government managers

Horizontal Initiatives

How we plan for and manage information and technology in government

GC InfoBase

The latest information on all government finances, people and results

Impacts of Gender Based Analysis Plus

Information and departmental reports on how GBA Plus impacts existing federal programs


Government committees under the responsibility of Treasury Board Secretariat

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