Key facts on the SV, TC, EB and PA bargaining units


The Government of Canada and the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) are negotiating renewed collective agreements for the (PA (Program and Administrative), TC (Technical Services), SV (Operational Services) and the EB (Education and Library) bargaining units, part of the Core Public Administration (CPA). Collectively, these bargaining units represent approximately 120,000 employees including 46, 000 of whom occupy essential positions.

The majority of full-time employees in the PA, TC, SV, and EB groups earn between $50,000 and $75,000, and only about 3% of those employees earn under $50,000.

About the Program and Administrative Services Bargaining Unit

The PA Group comprises approximately 97,000 positions located across the country, including approximately 37,000 essential positions. Occupations in this Group include the following subgroups:

o   Administration Services

o   Information Services

o   Program Administration

o   Welfare Programmes

o   Communications

o   Data Processing

o   Clerical and Regulatory

o   Office Equipment

o   Secretarial, Stenographic and Typing

About the Technical Services Bargaining Unit:

The TC Group comprises approximately 11,000 positions, including approximately 3,500 essential positions, in the following subgroups:

o   Drafting and Illustration

o   Engineering and Scientific Support

o   General Technical

o   Photography

o   Primary Products Inspection

o   Technical Inspection

About the Operational Services Bargaining Unit:

The SV Group comprises approximately 10,000 positions, including approximately 5,400 essential positions. It is a diverse group with different occupations, subgroups and classifications in the following subgroups:

o   Firefighters

o   General Labour and Trades

o   General Services

o   Heating, Power and Stationary Plant Operations

o   Hospital Services

o   Lightkeepers

o   Ships’ Crews

o   Printing Operations (Supervisory)

About the Education and Library Sciences Bargaining Unit:

The EB Group comprises approximately 1,000 positions located across the country, including approximately 25 essential positions. Occupations in this Group are primarily involved in the following subgroups:

o   Education

o   Library Science

o   Educational Support

Note: The breakdown of employees and essential positions per bargaining group may not total the collective figure due to rounding.

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