Buying advertising under $25,000

As stated in the Directive on the Management of Communications, heads of communications can decide to purchase media space directly from media outlets for campaigns that have a total media buy of $25,000 or less. The $25,000 threshold is exclusively for the purchase of advertising space or time for a campaign (excluding taxes and fees). It does not apply to individual media placements as part of a campaign.

Buying advertising directly from media outlets should not include contracted services such as strategic advice, media planning, ad hosting or creative development. Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) is the sole contracting authority for such services.

It is important to note that departments are still required to:

  • coordinate all advertising activities with the Privy Council Office and the Advertising Services Directorate of PSPC
  • report all advertising in the department’s annual advertising plans
  • record advertising campaign information in the Advertising Management Information System (AdMIS).

Advertising requirements are outlined in the Mandatory Procedures for Advertising.

Operational advertising that is low-risk

Advertising that is administrative (for example, notices of tenders, sales, public hearings, offers of employment, business hours and addresses) are considered operational and low-risk. Departments can choose to use generic templates for operational ads.

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