FIP Manual in PDF Format

The Federal Identity Program (FIP) Manual is provided below in PDF format. These are large electronic files and are intended to be downloaded and printed. While these files are copies of the current FIP Manual, important updates on specific applications must be observed where they appear.

If you cannot access these files, contact the FIP Coordinator in your organization for an alternative format.

1.0 Management Guide to Corporate Identity
(August 1990)

FIP Manual Pages: 1-13   (1.8 Mb)
Pages: 14-23   (2.7 Mb)

1.2 Message: Identification of programs and services
(September 1987)

FIP Manual Pages: 1-31   (3.6 Mb)

2.1 Stationery: Ministers, parliamentary secretaries and their offices
(Interim Guide, January 1994)

FIP Manual Pages: 1-17   (0.8 Mb)

UPDATE: The Canadian Coat of Arms was modified in 1994. The modified version must be used in all applications which require the Coat of Arms.

2.2 Stationery: Departments, agencies and corporations
(September 1987)

FIP Manual Pages: 1-14   (1.1 Mb)
Pages: 15-35   (5.4 Mb)

3.1 Motor vehicles: Requirements for markings
(March 1990)

FIP Manual Pages: 1-11   (3.0 Mb)
Pages: 12-24   (3.5 Mb)

4.1 Signage: System overview and implementation
(December 1992)

FIP Manual Pages: 01-20   (3.1 Mb)

Pages: System Overview   (4.6 Mb)

4.2 Primary Identification signs*
(January 1988)

FIP Manual Pages: 19 pages   (2.7 Mb)

UPDATE: Please consult the modified standard for Primary Identification in the addendum* below, and in conjunction with Section 4.2 of the FIP Manual

* Addendum to 4.2

4.3 Common-use and operational signs
(March 1990)

FIP Manual Pages: 1-12   (3.8 Mb)
Pages: 13-32   (6.5 Mb)

4.3A Common-use and operational signs: Appendix A, Standard signs
(March 1990)

FIP Manual Pages: 1-21   (3.9 Mb)

4.3B Tactile Signage: Sign system and Installation Guide
(Interim Guide, October 1997)

FIP Manual Pages: 1-23   (2.6 Mb)

4.4 Project signs
(January 1988)

FIP Manual Pages: 1-16   (3.7 Mb)

4.5 Signage Typeface
(January 1988)

FIP Manual Pages: 1-24   (2.3 Mb)

5.4 Shared-cost programs: Identification of sponsors
(March 1989)

FIP Manual Pages: 1-12   (4.5 Mb)

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