Changes Affecting Casual Employment


To: Heads, Compensation and Labour Relations

This is to advise you that the On-Line Pay System will be updated as a result of the following changes to the terms of employment for casual employees under the new Public Service Employment Act (PSEA).

The PSEA made changes to the term for which a full or part time casual employee may be employed. Section 50(2) of the PSEA provides that “The period of employment of a casual worker may not exceed 90 working days in one calendar year in any particular department or other organization.”

Please ensure that your casual employees are hired according to the terms of the PSEA as noted above.

PWGSC will update the codes in the Regional Pay System, and send out a Compensation Directive in December, 2006.

Departmental Compensation and Labour Relations Managers should direct any questions to their appropriate corporate officials who, if need be, can contact the Pay Administration Section.

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Sylvie Joseph
Acting Director, Project Management, Internal Service Transformation and Pay Administration
Labour Relations and Compensation Operations

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