Consumer Price Index for Utilities update - Isolated Posts and Government Housing Directive (IPGHD) - March 2012


To: Executives and Chairs of Northern Federal Councils, Designated Departmental Contacts, Isolated Posts and Government Housing

The purpose of this notice is to provide departments and agencies with the revised Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Utilities. Departments are reminded to distribute this notice to employees at your headquarters and regional offices who are involved in the administration of the isolated posts allowances.

The index of 141.7 should be used in the calculation of utilities charges as per Section 6.14.2 of the Isolated Posts and Government Housing Directive.

Note: The monthly CPI Movement can be found online. Choose row for water, fuel and electricity for Canada and the column CPI Index.

Please ensure that this notice is provided to those responsible for calculating the rental charge increases. Employees must receive a three month notification (by ) of the rental charge increases which come into effect on .

Departmental employees or regional staff should direct any questions on this subject to the appropriate departmental corporate official. View the list of Designated Departmental Contacts.

Claudia Zovatto
Senior Director, Union Engagement & NJC Support
Compensation and Labour Relations Sector
Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer

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