Hours of Work - Law (LA) group Collective Agreement


To: Heads of Human Resources; Directors/Chiefs of Labour Relations and Compensation

The purpose of this bulletin is to clarify for departments the interpretation of paragraph 13.01d) of the Law (LA) Group collective agreement.

Paragraph 13.01d) applies to lawyers at the LA-1 and LA-2A levels, and reads:

“A reconciliation of hours of work will be made by the lawyer and his or her immediate supervisor for each four (4) week period. In computing the hours of work within the period, vacation, designated paid holidays, and other leaves of absence will account for seven decimal five (7.5) hours per day.”

For the purposes of the reconciliation of hours of work over a four week period, leaves of absence without pay are to be counted as seven decimal five (7.5) hours per day.

Based on the above, managers are advised to carefully consider assigning additional hours of work to lawyers at the LA-1 and LA-2A levels returning from leaves of absence without pay, as overtime compensation may result.

All questions should be directed to your Departmental Corporate Labour Relations or Corporate Compensation Official who, if required will direct their questions to the following e-mail address: Contact Interpretations by E-mail Interpretations@tbs-sct.gc.ca.

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Marc Thibodeau
Senior Director
Compensation Management,
Core Public Administration
Compensation and Labour Relations
Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer

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