Personal Leave/Volunteer Leave - Information Notices

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide clarification on the above-noted types of leave.

Attached you will find a series of questions and answers summarising various queries we have received to date on the new personal and volunteer leave provisions. They will help your advisors to provide details on these types of leave to your departmental employees.

Departmental Compensation and Staff Relations managers should direct any questions that they may have to their corporate Compensation officials who, if need be, can contact the Pay Administration Section.

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Thomas A. Smith

Director, Pay Administration
Labour Relations Division
Human Resources Branch

Personal Leave and Volunteer Leave

  • Q1. Can personal leave and volunteer leave be transferred from one fiscal year to the next?
    • These types of leave are not accumulated and therefore cannot be transferred from one fiscal year to the next.
  • Q2. What if operational requirements prevent the employer from granting these types of leave during the fiscal year?
    • According to the collective agreement, subject to operational requirements employees will be granted these types of leave when requested.
  • Q3. Is there an exception for the first year taking into consideration the short period remaining in the fiscal year?
    • The collective agreement does not provide for any exception, therefore the full entitlement for the current fiscal year.
  • Q4. VOLUNTEER LEAVE: Are there any requirements? Is written proof required?
    • The collective agreement stipulates that the leave shall be granted to work as a volunteer for a charitable or community organisation or activity other than for activities related to the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign.
    • In order to qualify, written proof is not required.
  • Q5. Can these types of leave be divided into half-days?
    • No, the collective agreement does not provide for the leave to be taken in broken portion.
  • Q6. Are part-time employees entitled to these types of leave?
    • Yes, in the same proportion as their normal weekly hours of work compared with the normal weekly hours of work of full-time employees.
  • Q7. What is the duration of these types of leave for employees working variable hours?
    • The duration is equivalent to that of a designated paid holiday.
  • Q8. Can these types of leave be cashed out if not used by the end of the fiscal year?
    • No, the collective agreement does not provide for payment of unused personal and volunteer leave.

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