Executive Project Dashboard

The Chief Information Officer Branch (CIOB) has developed an executive project dashboard tool in the form of a Microsoft Excel 2003 workbook that users populate.

The tool includes three worksheets: the Dashboard worksheet, the Financials worksheet, and the Supplementary Information worksheet.

  • The Dashboard worksheet contains the executive project dashboard template. Most information is entered directly into this template, except for the financial data, which are entered in a separate worksheet.
  • The Financials worksheet contains tables in which to enter financial data. These tables are then used to populate the Financial Summary table located in the Dashboard worksheet.
  • The Supplementary Information worksheet is for projects included in the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) CIOB oversight portfolio. This worksheet contains tables in which to enter project information regarding Treasury Board briefings and alignment to the whole-of-government framework.

A sample of a completed dashboard is also available for reference purposes.

Further information may be found in the Guide to Executive Project Dashboards.

For an executive project dashboard template and further guidance, please contact us.

IT Project Review and Oversight
Chief Information Officer Branch
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Email: itprod-despti@tbs-sct.gc.ca

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