Management Accountability Framework

TBS is reviewing the Management Accountability Framework (MAF) tool to ensure that it provides relevant performance information to support management excellence across departments and agencies. As a result, MAF results will not be available for the 2023/2024 reporting period.  Data related to departmental performance will continue to be provided through Departmental Results Reports.

The Management Accountability Framework (MAF) is a tool used by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) to monitor the management performance of federal departments and agencies.

The MAF identifies management expectations based on the Treasury Board policy suite, assesses policy compliance and performance within organizations, and highlights management strengths and opportunities to improve.


The objectives of the MAF are:

  • to support the accountability of deputy ministers and heads of agencies by providing information about the strengths and areas for improvement within their organizations
  • to inform TBS about the state of policy implementation and practices
  • to improve management capabilities government-wide
  • to understand management performance and progress on management priorities

MAF assessment process

The MAF assesses the practices and performance of organizations in specific areas of management (AoMs) on an annual basis. Some organizations may not be assessed on all the AoMs depending on their size and mandate.

The AoMs are:

  • Financial management
  • People management
  • Service and Digital management
  • Results management
  • Innovation management
  • Security management
  • Management of acquired assets and services

To assess organizations, TBS develops a set of questions (methodologies) for each AoM. Organizations respond to these questions and provide evidence to support their response. TBS reviews this information to assess the results and report back to organizations.

MAF government-wide results

Following the MAF assessment process, a report is normally developed to provide aggregated information about the MAF results government-wide. This report describes key government-wide findings, best practices and lessons learned.



The 2021-22 report summarized findings about core management practices at the government-wide level, with a focus on specific government priorities, including diversity and inclusion, accessibility, and greening government. It also highlighted best practices and lessons learned that were gathered during the 2021-22 MAF assessment process.

Previous versions of the government-wide report have been archived and are available by request. Please contact us.

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