Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP)

FSWEP is the largest student employment program, which provides opportunities for students at all levels and in all programs of study to gain experience in the federal public service. Students are hired through FSWEP to work at organizations across Canada.

Students hired under FSWEP have the opportunity to:

The Public Service Commission (PSC) maintains a general inventory of applicants as well as targeted inventories for specific departmental opportunities (e.g., Veterans Affairs Vimy Guides and Canadian Coast Guard Inshore Rescue Program). Targeted inventories also promote and enable the representation of Employment Equity groups. Managers can request referrals of available students at anytime during the year.


All full-time secondary and post-secondary school students who meet the following criteria:

  • Students must always be registered as a full-time student at an accredited academic institution. This includes students with a visible or invisible disability deemed to have full-time status by their academic institution and those participating in adult education and retraining programs at the secondary level;
  • Be returning to full-time studies in the next academic term; and,
  • Students must meet the minimum age requirement to be employed in the province or territory of work.

Managers will determine the minimum level of academic achievement that applicants need to do each job.

International students, with valid visas permitting work in Canada, may be considered for student employment programs when no eligible, qualified Canadian students are available for the position. Canadian students include students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada in accordance with section 4 of the Student Employment Programs Participants Regulations.

Duration of assignment and work schedule

Full and part-time positions are available under FSWEP throughout the year. Students may work full or part-time schedules during the summer (or other non-academic terms) and part-time during the academic year. Jobs may be extended for as long as the student continues to meet the student employment eligibility criteria.

Recruitment and referral

The PSC manages the recruitment and referral of candidates for student employment under FSWEP. For this purpose, the PSC receives all initial applications directly from students and refers candidates to hiring managers.

Departments may rehire students under this program directly, provided the student continues to meet the student program eligibility criteria.


Students must apply through the PSC application portal.


Rates of Pay are published in the Terms and Conditions of Employment for Students. This document also includes special rates that may have been approved by the Treasury Board for departmental programs.

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