Public Service Health Care Plan changes – Changes effective April 1, 2015

The announced changes to the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) for are now in effect.

To be eligible for PSHCP coverage, new retirees will now require a total of six years or more of pensionable service. Some exemptions apply; please consult the PSHCP Special Bulletin for more information.

The monthly contribution rates for retired members in the PSHCP with Supplementary coverage were adjusted to adhere to the new cost sharing ratio of 31.25% for 2015. The new Supplementary rates and the 2015 Relief Provision Supplementary coverage contribution rates are now available on Schedule V of the National Joint Council Web site.

If you believe you are eligible for the PSHCP Relief Provision, please complete a PSHCP Relief Provision Application Form and return it to the Government of Canada Pension Centre.

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